System Investigation

Task 1
1.1. Evaluate three different system development life cycle (SDLC) approaches/models. Then Choose a suitable one for the new information system and justify your choice (AC 1.1).
1.2. Discuss the purpose of following different phases in different sequences in lifecycle in a systems investigation (AC 1.2).
Task 2
2.1. Discuss the purpose, structure and outcomes of feasibility study during the initial stages of the system development (AC 2.1).
2.2. Assess the impact of three different feasibility criteria e.g. organizational, economic, and technical) on the information system investigation (AC2.2).
Task 3
3.1. Undertake the system investigation utilization in a variety of data collection methods/techniques that suit the needs of the organization. The overall purpose of your investigation would be to clarify the problems of the existing system and gather the requirements to be addressed in the proposed system.
For this task, you have to:
• Provide evidence and give samples of the selected technique/method you choose
• State the functional and non-functional requirements you gather.
• Develop a full-dressed use cases (UCs) that reflects the gathered requirements. The developed UCs must include comprehensive details of functional requirements for the proposed system (at least 4 use cases)
3.2. Use appropriate systems analysis techniques and tools to carry out the system’s investigation following the steps below (AC 3.2):
• Visualize the proposed system by use of Data Flow Diagram (DFD): Context, first and second level DFD.
• Develop the data view model of the system by use of an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).
Note:Use suitable CASE tools for this task.

3.3. Create a report documentation to support the system investigation you have done, your report should include: background information, problem statements, data collection process and summary, recommendations and appendices (AC 3.3).
3.4. Evaluate how the new system meets the user and system requirements you outlined in task 3.1 (AC 3.4).

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