Sustainable Marketing

Essence of sustainable marketing in BOP country(India)

Overview of the Task
The individual task requires you to write an essay that explores the concept of ‘sustainable marketing’ within the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ (BOP) context. The case company ‘Good Energy’ should also be used as a reference for this discussion.

Specific Task Brief
Based on the research collected and ideas generated while working on the Good Energy international marketing plan, for this individual assignment you are required to write an essay that further explores some of the concepts that were considered in the report(to be attached as additional details). In particular, the aim of the essay is for you to review the academic literature on sustainable and international marketing in BOP contexts and present arguments that enable you to provide some recommendations to Green Energy on how best to implement their ideas in the new BOP market.

The report should include:
• A Cover page (not included in the word count)
• Table of Contents (not included in the word count)
• Introduction (about 10% of the word-count/weighting)
• Key debates on issues around sustainable marketing (about 40% of the word count/weighting)
• Key debates on issues around international marketing in BOP markets, including sustainable marketing in BOP markets (about 40% of the word count/weighting)
• Conclusions and recommendations (about 10% of the word count/weighting)
• Reference List (not included in the word-count; however note that any referencing within the body of the essay is included in the word count)

Also, additional details would be sent to support shortly.

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