Supply management analyst

  • You are acting in the role of a supply management analyst
  • Select any company or segment of any company from the fortune 500 list
  • You are to evaluate the company from a supply management perspective
  • Your evaluation will be based on the elements from your learning throughout the course but will require additional research on the particular company
  • Your evaluation should include:
    • An Introduction to the company and its business, policies and organizational structure
    • Types of strategic sourcing strategies. What is insourced and what is outsourced and why
    • What is sourced in CONUS and OCONUS and why
    • Types of contract strategies (Long Term, Short Term, Fixed Price, Cost Plus, etc.)
    • Types of quality management and or environmental standards required and used
    • Types of risk and risk management strategies
    • Types of supplier relationships, develop and manage strategies (include the number of suppliers)
    • Types of supplier evaluation and selection techniques or methods or strategies
    • Explain the most important supplier performance requirements and measurements (Quality of products or service; on time delivery; cost management; etc.)
    • Types of information technology used
    • Types of cost manage methods used
    • Future vision or direction for the company
  • Your formal written evaluation should be no more than 12 double spaced pages using Times New Roman size 12 font in APA format


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