Succession Planning Concerns

Final Paper

Write a 12- to 15-page literature review that captures relevant theories and empirical research leading to a significant research topic, problem, and research question(s). Approach your topic as though you were arguing for funding that might support a vital new step in understanding the development of human capital. While you do not have to actually design a study to the point of specifying research measures for effective HRM or specify samples, try to evolve your thinking to the point of framing a relevant research topic, problem, and question(s) for research to address. This question should be complete enough to suggest why the answers obtained further develop an important theory, address a gap in current models of leadership, or demonstrate an immediate application to solving common organizational problems. Rather than attempting to include as many references as possible, try to emphasize the logical coherence of your evidence of conceptual foundations. Build a rhetorical argument for why your research problem and question(s) are important. An obvious extension of your paper would be to consider using it as a springboard for a dissertation proposal.

Your literature review should include the following elements:

Adherence to APA format (6th edition), which requires a title page, an abstract, a reference list, and appropriate sections and their headings;
A thorough review of the literature that shows evidence of a potential research opportunity/gap;
Presentation of a clearly defined gap in the research, with a focus on what has and has not been discussed in the academic literature;
The definition of a viable topic for dissertation research (using the aforementioned identified gap as a basis);
A draft problem statement included in your conclusion section;
At least one research question that is demonstrably linked to your problem statement. You do not need to address any hypotheses or design considerations and should include this question in your conclusion section.

Note: I have attached an outline of my paper that my professor approved. Please follow the outline, the references and the above instructions.

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