Success Criteria

Question 1

[100 Marks]
a) Read the journal article available on Moodle “The CRISP-DM Model: The New Blue print for Data Mining” Shearer 2000. Write a critique of this article as it applies to the mining of ‘Big Data’ in 2018. Your appraisal should include a review of a minimum of 3 related journal articles, all published on or after 2012, and be no longer than 1500 words.  (50 Marks)
b) Offer a critical analysis of a ‘Big Data’ mining problem domain and select and propose the implementation of appropriate data mining tools, and techniques to meet an organisation’s needs for business intelligence. Highlight the benefits to the business together with measurable implementation success criteria. Your report should be no longer than 1500 words. Cite all reference material.  (50 Marks)
Question 2
You will be required to read one story from the Wall Street Journal related to business strategy. The article must come from the last seven days. You must write a one page summary which includes a discussion of how the article is related to business strategy. Additionally, The purpose of this assignment is to immerse you in current business issues and help you better understand the business climate and how it will affect you.
Question 3
Numbers are the only things that an organisation requires to understand their customers. Must use the article in the attachment as one of the reference and citation. The essay is basically writing to support that organisation can understand the customers through numbers,i.e., Customer profitability analysis, strategic management, customer lifetime value, balance scorecard. However, non numbers should also be discussed in the essay,i.e., customer satisfaction/survey.

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