Subordinate Leadership

Step 1: Read Kenneth Ashworth’s opening address

Kenneth Ashworth’s opening address – Alternative Formats

to the Central Texas ASPA Conference (October 2001) [].

Step 2: Write a paper [3-4 pages (or more if needed), 1” margins, double-spaced, 12-point font] that addresses the following topics:

A description AND explanation of “subordinate leadership” (your description and explanation should be more than a simple definition – i.e. what is subordinate leadership, how is it implemented, what are the results, etc.).

An explanation of why “subordinate leadership” is particularly useful in a public sector organization. (In addition to some of the points identified by Kenneth Ashworth, you should consider some aspects from your other courses in terms of the factors that distinguish how public organizations function.)

An explanation of how Kenneth Ashworth’s ideas of “subordinate leadership” relate to the ideas in our readings; be sure to provide specific references to our reading materials.

Your paper needs to be in the form of an essay — this means that you will need to include a title page, section headings (for each topic addressed in the paper), and a References page [see the mail message sent out the first week of class, which includes a sample paper]. Be sure that your paper fully explains the ideas presented, using points from the article, as well as the required readings (and/or other appropriate sources). Citations within the text must be properly presented in APA format. Although you should use specific ideas from the Ashworth article and our readings, avoid merely copying quotes from the Ashworth article; be sure that your paper is written in your own words — as highlighted in the grading rubric, you should use direct quotes judiciously to support (rather than in place of) your explanation and analysis.

Points for your paper will be allocated based on the Assignment Paper rubric; click on the ‘Assignment Paper Rubric’ in the course menu in the left sidebar for details.

Reading Material from above book

On chapter

The leadership Challenge – chap 10

 A company of leaders- Chap 5

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