Student Paper Review

Address why you feel their strategies will or will not work. Give at least 1 positive comment. If you disagree, be sure to explain why.

Student paper down below:

James Dolan is a 16-year-old boy that is on the football team at his high school. His mother has stated that James has been experiencing chronic headaches that are accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. James describes the headaches that he has been having as a constant pain that varies in intensity and has caused James to miss quite a few days of school and football practice, something his mom says he would never miss before the headaches. James has stated that his headaches have come and gone for the last 3 months but that he has not been fully pain-free since the headaches have begun. Upon further review, Mrs. Dolan states that her son does not take any medication but that he does not always drink enough water for a boy who is involved in a sport such as a football. She has also stated that James took a hit to the head during practice about three months ago and when he was assessed by the medical staff for the school, they indicated that he may have a slight concussion and that he was to see his family physician. The physician ordered a blood test along with an MRI. The physician also told James to start a daily journal of everything that he eats, drinks, and experiences throughout the next few months.

When the physician reviewed James’s journals he noticed James had mentioned that he did not want to play football but that his father would be greatly upset if he were to drop out of sports. James seemed to be under a lot of pressure to get good grades while also being involved in a sport that he did not want to play but was scared to let his dad down. This type of stress appears to be the trigger for James’s headaches so his physician has suggested that he discontinue football at this time. His physician has also recommended biofeedback therapy and relaxation training for James. Due to James’s headaches, his mother has been greatly concerned and dealing with the stress of her son possibly having a more serious issue after being struck in the head has not been easy. Though Mrs. Dolan wanted to withdraw her son from football, she also felt the pressure from her husband for James to continue. Understanding the stresses that both James and his mother are dealing with, help me to support Mrs. Dolan by means of being a source of information. A strategy I would use to ensure this family received the support they needed is to assist in facilitating communication for James and his mother through the form of group therapy so that they do not feel the pressure of having to confront Mr. Dolan of James’s withdraw from football by themselves. Another strategy is to make sure that I give the proper referrals for Mrs. Dolan to see that she receives the best help possible as well.

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