Structure for Global Strategy Development And Implementation

The following are applicable strategies that could be considered.These strategies, coupled with associated theoretical models and business examples, should be analysed and critically evaluated.
Introduction – Company name, what industry sector is it in, what is the current turnover of the company, how many countries does it operate in, how many employee’s work for the company. Which country do you plan to take the company too? (100 words)

  1. Use market data from HQ market and the firm’s performance to justify reasons for internationalization. Also could use economic data and competitor analysis. You also must Porter’s Diamond. (500 words)
  2. This about the strategy to internationalize. Briefly explain the strategies – transnational, multi-domestic, global and international. The selected strategy should be evaluate and justified. (500 words)
  3. Country Analysis.
    a. Country selection/country attractiveness- apply PESL framework. Determine from the analysis why the country is attractive
    b. Country environmental analysis – PESL and 5 Forces. Draw conclusions from the analysis relevant to the framework. (500 words)
  4. Briefly explain the mode of entry – licensing, franchise, JV or M & A. Justify the mode by evaluating it and linking it to Tasks 1, 2 or 3. (500 words)
  5. Select 3 problems/issues from managerial and organizational. Type of problems – organizational co-ordination, cultural (Hofstede) and organizational structure (centralization v decentralization). (500 words)
  6. Solutions should address the issues in 5. (400 words)

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