Structural Kinesiology: Clinical Application Assignment


The purpose of the Clinical Application Assignment is to gain knowledge about a musculoskeletal clinical condition with respect to:

1) the anatomy and biomechanics of the region that apply to the condition

2) the causes and clinical features of the condition; and

3) current interventions for the condition.

General Instructions:

TOPIC: musculoskeletal clinical condition of “Rotator cuff tendonitis”.

Perform a library search for at least three peer-reviewed scientific journal articles that provide

information about the clinical condition. You could use ’One Search’ or a database such as CINAHL or MEDLINE.

You may also reference reputable websites if needed, particularly for some of the specific information outlined below, such as the incidence of the condition.

The following headings will be components of the initial and/or final submission of your paper:

1) Introduction: Explain why you selected this clinical condition, summarize the typical population(s) affected with the condition, and give information about the incidence and/or prevalence of this condition in the population.

2) Anatomy/Biomechanics: Provide a detailed description of the relevant anatomy and

biomechanics of the region (a more in-depth description than what was covered in class).

3) Pathology: Describe the pathological features of the clinical condition – what happens at the tissue level (i.e., features such as inflammatory processes, vascular changes, microscopic tearing of a tendon, or ligament laxity causing hypermobility).

4) Causes/Risk Factors: Summarize the causes of the clinical condition and any factors that increase the risk for this condition.

5) Signs and Symptoms: Describe the common signs and symptoms associated with the condition

6) Interventions: Discuss three current interventions for this clinical condition. These interventions could include medical, pharmacological and/or therapeutic treatments. Do not include specific exercises in this section of the assignment.

7) Exercises: Describe two exercises (stretching and/or strengthening exercises) that are typically prescribed as part of the treatment for this clinical condition. Include a description of how to perform the exercises.

Paper Formatting and Referencing

Both initial and final assignments should be typed, 1½ spaced, with 1-inch margins all around and a 12-point font size. Please reference any content taken from the journal articles within your initial and final papers using a consistent referencing format (APA format). The citations for the articles should be included on a separate reference page.

Final Submission: Specific Instructions and Evaluation

Components: The final submission of the paper should include all seven headings outlined on

pages 1 to 2 above: Introduction; Anatomy/Biomechanics; Pathology; Causes/Risk Factors; Signs

and Symptoms; Interventions; and Exercises.

Page Length: The paper should be at least 3 pages, plus an additional reference page.

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