Stroop Investigation

This question is associated with the Stroop study you initiated in Topic 1 and for which you analyzed data in ‘Handling and presenting health science data’ in study week 9. It assesses module learning outcomes CS2, CS3, KS2 and KS4.
prepare a presentation and an accompanying script for your Stroop investigation.
You should present your own analysis of the sample of data that you downloaded from the Stroop data logger.
• a. Prepare a presentation using the provided template. It should contain 9 slides that present:
o An appropriate title,
(1 mark)
o The scientific background relevant to the investigation. (Up to 5 bullet points.)
(5 marks)
o The objective of your investigation.
(1 mark)
o The hypotheses you formulated for your investigation (both the null and experimental) – you should also specify if your experimental hypothesis was bidirectional (two-tailed) or unidirectional (one-tailed).
(2 marks)
o A summary of how you carried out your investigation, including both the data collection and data analysis phases. If you agreed a change in your data collection protocol with your tutor due to COVID-19 considerations, you should describe what you would have done under normal circumstances for the data collection phase. You could also consider presenting some of this information as a flow chart or similar diagram. (Up to 4 bullet points.)
(4 marks)
o A representation of the data collected in your investigation:
(i) An appropriately formatted bar graph displaying the outcomes, based on the descriptive statistics for the appropriate dependent variable and a tabular summary of the descriptive statistics plotted on the graph.
(ii) Results of the inferential statistical analysis used to determine if there is a statistically significant difference between the groups. The outcomes of the inferential statistical analysis must be reported in the appropriate mathematical format.
(20 marks)
o Your analysis and interpretation of the data collected in your investigation. (Up to 5 bullet points.)
(5 marks)
o The conclusion you have reached from your investigation regarding the effect of age upon Stroop performance.
(2 marks)
• (40 marks in total for (a))

• b.Prepare a script to accompany your presentation. Your script should provide the spoken narrative for your presentation and not consist of a verbatim repetition of any text on your slides. Your script should be no more than 800 words in length, which equates to approximately 6 minutes of speech (based on an average speaking speed of 130 words per minute).

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