Stress, Health and Coping, A Personal Profile

Directions: Stress unfortunately is an unavoidable part of life. We have two choices: understanding and
successfully confronting stress or allowing ourselves to be crushed by stress. From time to time, it is very
important for everyone to step back and examine the level and sources of stress in their lives. Use the modules
on stress in your textbook as well as the resources here to complete the following project. You will submit this
types project on Schoology:

  1. What type of person are you? Your personality plays a large role in determining how you will handle
    stress. Use your textbook as well as this online test (other test and another test) to determine if you are a Type
    A or Type B (Type C is a thing too, maybe look into this as well). Write a paragraph explaining what type of
    person you are, using specific evidence from your life. (10 points) Related Research Study Reading: “Racing
    Against Your Heart”
    ● explanation of Types of Personalities
  2. What stresses you? What might be a stressor for one person might not be a stressor for another. Your
    textbook (pg. 451-454) lists some common environmental and psychological sources of stress for people and
    lists common social factors. You might also find these notes helpful. In list form, briefly explain the main
    sources of stress in your life. Be sure to consider all of the categories of stressors the book profiles:
    catastrophes, major life changes, hassles, pressure, uncontrollability, & frustration, poverty, job, culture. (10
  3. Types of Conflict. These notes explain four types of conflicts that we all experience: Approach-approach,
    avoidance-avoidance, approach-avoidance, and multiple approach-avoidance. For each of the four types, define
    (in your own words) and briefly describe an example that you have faced or are facing. (20 points)
  4. Stress and Health. Your textbook (pg. 454-455) explains how stress affects our body and overall general
    health. These notes might also help. Choose a stressful event from your life. Explain what would happen in each
    of the three stages of Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome (Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion). Take that same
    stressor and explain what you were thinking as you engaged in primary appraisal and secondary appraisal. (10
  5. How Do You Respond to Stress? This article explains (along with Module 43) some of the factors that
    determine how people respond to stress. The factors include explanatory styles (optimist or pessimist), social
    support, culture, and religion. Write a paragraph or two in which you explain which of these factors play a role
    in how you respond to stress. Please be specific. (10 points)
  6. How Do You Cope with Stress? Active copers take positive actions to combat stress while defensive
    copers engage in destructive behaviors in the face of stress. Some people are problem-focused copers and some
    people are emotion-focused copers (pg. 306-307). Do some research on coping mechanisms (learned
    helplessness, aggression, catharsis, internet addiction, and constructive coping methods are good places to
    start). Which type of coper are you? It might not be a simple answer and may depend on the stressor. Write a
    paragraph in which you explain some of the active and defensive coping mechanisms you have used in the past
    as well as some of your problem focused and emotion focused reactions. Make sure to understand the
    difference between problem focused coping and emotion focused coping. Write a paragraph in which you give
    some examples of each from your own life. (10 points)
  7. Do you use Psychological Defense Mechanisms? Read about Defense Mechanisms in the textbook
    (pg. 581-582). Do you use any of these defense mechanisms? Select five defense mechanisms. For each of the
    five, define and then give a specific example of when and how you have used it. (20 points)
  8. What does all of this mean? Step back and look at the picture of your life and your stress level that you
    have just created. Write a paragraph in which you tell me what you have learned, how you now feel about the
    level of stress in your life, and what you plan to do about your situation. This paragraph should show evidence
    of a strong and meaningful reflection .(10 points)

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