Strategic Trend Analysis

Strategic Trend Analysis Using Dynamic Capabilities, Design Thinking, or Foresight and Strategic Planning
This unit’s readings show multiple views and concepts related to dynamic capabilities, design thinking, foresight, and strategic planning. Each of these concepts pertains to trend analysis, long-range planning, and strategic business model innovations. To innovate a business model, an organization must find ways to plan for future market changes and implement those into the model and plan for needed resources, skills, products, services, and customers.
Part I – Due May 30 – Discussion Post should be used to help write the paper
You will use this discussion as the basis for your assignment for this unit.

In the discussion post, select a Fortune 500 business and research its strategy, business model, and current state. Using the definitions found in this unit’s readings, do the following:
A. Introduce your post using a thesis sentence and stating the name and brief background of the organization you plan to use in your post.
B. Define dynamic capabilities, using any of the definitions you found in this unit’s readings. Cite the source, including the page number where you found the definition.
C. Describe the current business strategy and model of the business you selected, using terms and methods covered in earlier units of this course.
D. Describe any dynamic capabilities you see in your selected organization that fit the definition you used in item B, above.
E. Explain how your selected organization might use its dynamic capabilities to create a long-range strategic plan and to innovate its business model. Name one change to the organization’s model you would propose and defend it using concepts discussed in the unit readings.
F. Write a conclusion.
G. Include your reference list.
H. Place this part of the assignment in a separate MS Word Document from Part II of this assignment.
Part II – Due June 4th
Diagrammatic Depiction of a Business Model Innovation With Contextual Support
Using the content of your initial post in Part I as support,
A. Create a diagram of the current business model of the business you selected for your post, and then
B. Create a diagram of the proposed innovation to the business model of the business you selected.
Each diagram should be labeled as Figure 1 or Figure 2 and aligned in the paper as per APA 7 requirements (that is, within the margins, all on one page, captioned appropriately, and referencing properly any source that contributed to the diagram).
You may use, as a conceptual basis, a diagram you found in another source, but you must make substantial adaptations to the diagram while providing attribution to the original source(s).
These diagrams should fit into your post’s content under sections C and E in Part I of the instructions
Revise your post for grammar, style, formatting, and content. Be sure all sources are properly cited, including those upon which your models were based.

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