Strategic Planning Process

The purpose of this paper is to begin to demonstrate your understanding of the strategic planning process. Using the Lean Six Sigma Framework, you are going to identify a problem and propose solutions to the problem. Evaluation measure for the process or outcomes will be included. You will NOT be implementing a solution to this problem. This is a “table-top” exercise where you can identify a problem, define personnel roles & responsibilities, develop an ideal plan or solution to solve the problem and describe benchmark metrics to measure your success. The paper will include:

  1. Definition of the problem
    • This should be defined as comprehensively as possible. What is the specific problem? Is it a lack of knowledge or training of personnel? Is it a lack of equipment? Is it the environment? Is it the process of healthcare delivery?
    • Is it influenced by local, regional, national or global policy?
    • Include ONE statement summarizing the problem, and ONE statement of purpose.
  2. Measure the problem
    • Quantify the problem as much as possible. For example, 8 out of 10 nurses do not know what to do in the case of a fire at the bedside, based on informal questions. This is an INFORMAL process – do not use surveys, questionnaires or other formal survey tools.
  3. Analyze the problem
    • Brainstorm possible causes of the problem. You will want to look at the literature to see if this problem has existed in other places, and what were the causes.
    • Include a root cause analysis model identifying all possible causes of the problem. Identify which specific cause is YOUR focus.
  4. Improvement and implementation plan
    • What are the possible solutions to the problem (you will want to search for solutions in the literature).
    • Who is responsible and accountable for the solution
    • What is the time frame for a solution? (consider a GNATT chart)
    • What are the threats or opportunities for this solution (SWOT chart)
    • Is there an opportunity to advocate for a change in a policy? How would you do that?
  5. Outcome measures
    • Be as specific as possible. For example, your solution was to hold a workshop for nurses on what to do in the case of a fire at the bedside. One of your outcomes may be that 100% of the 10 nurse all indicated knowledge about what to do after the workshop.
    • Consider if the outcome is related to the PROCESS or the PROBLEM.
    This is a 4-5 page paper using APA format (7th ed). NO spelling or grammar errors are expected. Follow the rubric closely for the headings of the paper. A minimum 3-5 references from peer-reviewed healthcare or nursing journals is expected. See instructions in syllabus for Written Assignments

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