Strategic Planning and Risk Analysis in Public Safety Agencies

Read this entire document and template and scoring rubric before beginning the assignment. This Report is a real-world application that will be written with a professional style and formatting.

Your report should include the following pages:
 Cover page
 Executive summary
 The report itself
 Reference page

Foundation of the Report

This is a two-part assignment. First, for the report, you have been given the responsibility to conduct a strategic planning process for your department. You have the flexibility to write this assignment for your current department or a fictitious department. Write a proposal to your department chief or city manager on how you will lead this strategic planning process. Use the Bryson text as a guide. The elements highlighted below are a minimum, expand on this to fully explain how you will manage the process.

Second, create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of your proposal. Your presentation should have approximately ten slides. Write notes in the bottom note box on what you could say in a presentation. The note pages should be detailed and reflect an oral presentation. Do not just add bullet items from your slides. The note page includes significantly more detail. Upload your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint – do not convert to a pdf or other type of file extension.


Your report needs to outline the following elements in specific detail. Explain how you will manage a strategic planning process. The elements of the report are:
 Benefits and justification
 Overview of the process with a suggested model
 Roles and responsibilities of team members
 Time frame for the planning process
 Barriers
 Expectations of the final product, report or plan

These elements need to be supported with proof. Your position on each of these elements needs to be detailed with a basis for how, why, or under what pretense you and your department functions as it relates to strategic planning.
Report Formatting

Your report shall be a professional report written to your department chief or executive officer. This report is preparing you for a real-world situation where you can directly apply what you have learned and practiced in the PSM program. Please consider these instructions:
 Use Times New Roman, 12-point font for the entire document
 Set the margins for 1” on all sides
 Left justify the text
 Set the line before and after spacing for 0-point
 Set the line space for 1.0
 Double space between paragraphs
 Do not indent the paragraphs
 Use good transitions between paragraphs and/or consider headings to separate points
 Each paragraph should have a single point of focus and be five to ten sentences in length
 Use in-text citations where appropriate and include all sources on the reference page.
 Include page numbers in the footer area at the bottom center of the page.

Things to Avoid

 Be cautious on the use of quotes. This is a professional report where information should
be paraphrased and cited
 Do not use any block quotes. Refer to the APA manual
 Do not plagiarize
 Do not use websites such as Wikipedia,,
 Do not use trade journals as references


Please ask questions early if you do not understand any aspect of this assignment. Use the general course questions to post general questions about this assignment, as your question(s) may help others. The real-world application of this assignment is significant. It will help prepare you for work-related situations where you must be able to clearly articulate competency in handling administrative issues. You will be graded in this course, and in the real world, on how well you perform these functions.

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