Strategic Plan Goals

• Women’s service line improvement
o Increase obstetrical deliveries by 20% over 3 years
o Establish nurse navigation system for the entire system
o Facility improvement and development for women’s services
o Improve access standards for women’s care
• Assist in the marketing of the implementation of the consultant’s report regarding women’s services
• Oncology Center grand opening
• Mature the retail strategy with the primary care employed physician group
• Assess the market impact of the lawsuits and develop marketing strategy to counteract the negative impact if decisions are made against ECRH
• Aggressively recruit new physicians to reduce the average age of the medical staff and strategically enhance service line development
• Use lean management processes to correct service issues found in the ED. Improve ED visits by 6%.
o Review physician contracts to enhance physician service performance
o Investigate the fast-track ED concept
o Implement the free-standing ED strategy
• Abandon the Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
• Re-establish relationships with regional emergency medical services to raise the utilization of the medical air service. Growth goal is to get back to the previous level of utilization within 18 months
• Decision to close the regional burn unit and let those cases go to the academic medical center
• Implement the decision to close the behavioral health services of ECRH
• Implement the decision to close AH

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