Strategic Management for ICT

Choose one of the following 3 options

Option 1: Commercial Business Case for New Service or Product


  1. 1 Page Executive Summary (10% of marks)
  2. Description of service (20% of marks)
  • Customer demand, service offering from customer and operator perspectives, geography, technology requirement – how does it fit with strategy
  • Commercial appraisal (whole life of project) (20% of marks)
  • Revenue generated, gross margin generated, operating costs and capital spend required, payback period, impact on EBITDA, EBIT and cash generated
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats for new service or product

(15% of marks)

  • Including review of competition and comparison with ‘do nothing’ option
  • Ways of reducing risk and maximizing profit (20% of marks)
  • Conclusions – key issues and recommendations (15% of marks)

Submissions should be 5000 to 6000 words and submitted to the Turnitin area on the platform

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