Strategic Challenges

Question 1

1.) Considering the concept of “Black Swans” described in the 2014 QHSR, how does this concept relate to changes in the strategic environment or prevailing strategic challenges? Do you agree with the four Black Swan scenarios presented there, or are there different low probability/high consequence scenarios that should be anticipated and considered instead? Explain.

2.) Regarding chemical facility security, what do you believe are the most serious threats, risks, vulnerabilities and hazards? What is your assessment of the CFATS regulations in terms of implementation and effectiveness? What more should be done to improve chemical facility security?

Question 2

In  this Assignment you will identify and analyze an artifact of your choice. Select an artifact, something that is important to you or resonates with you in some way. make certain you have a way to share the artifact electronically. use the artifact analysis worksheet to evaluate your artifact.

Question 3

Write a one a half page paper, double spaced, times new roman, 12, about a gym or exercise workout you did. This is not an essay or analysis, but rather a personal narrative. How did you feel before, what was the exercise, how was it overall, what are your thoughts on it.

It cannot be running or swimming.


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