Stolen Property

Question 1

a). Assume that information and stolen property are complementary goods and the price of information increases. Please analyze the impact of price of information on the demand/demand curve of stolen property.

b). Assume that one of the costs of doing business (for example material costs) decrease. Please analyze the impact of change in material costs on the supply/supply curve of stolen property.

Question 2

Write a 3000-word-paper, doubled-space,12pt about Government Debt – “Government Debt: A ‘National Blessing’ or a ‘Public Curse’”?

The bibliography must include the textbook.

The minimum material you need is Chapter 19 of the textbook.

Question 3

Write a 3000-word-paper about the knowledge that you learn from :

1, Chapter 4, especially sections 4-2 The role of banks in the monetary system; 4-3 How central banks influence the supply of money; Case Study – Quantitative easing and the exploding monetary base; Case Study: Bank failures and the money supply in the 1930s. Section 4-4 Conclusion.

2, Chapter 12: Section 12-3 The Great Depression; Case Study: The Financial Crisis and the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009

THE MAIN TOPIC IS ABOUT Monetary policy in the Great Depression and the Great Recession

The bibliography must include the textbook.

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