Statistic Students


Find an article with a pie chart or bar chart or frequency table of categorical data or a contingency table of categorical data (Use a 2017 article and attached it)

a) Is the graph (pie or bar) or table (frequency or contingency) clearly labelled?

b) Does it violate the area principle?

c) Ws – explain if or how the W’s are given.

d) Does article correctly interpret the data? Explain.


The top 25 men’s and women’s 500-m skating times are shown below:

Screenshot from 2018-06-04 12-51-32

  1. What type of graph has been constructed for these skating times?

  2. Describe the distribution.

  3. What do you think might account for this shape?

  4. A statistics student used this skating data to find a mean of 73.46 seconds with a standard deviation of 3.33 seconds. Why are these measures of center and spread not particularly meaningful for these data? Explain.

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