State of California

You have four options for this assignment. Select One option for completion. This assignment is worth 20 points.

OPTION ONE: Select any two questions noted below and submit your response to earn the maximum 20 points.

  1. Summarize the development of American courts, and including the concept of the dual-court system.
  2. Describe the structure of the federal court system, including the various types of federal court
  3. Describe the pretrial steps and activities.
  4. State the purpose of the criminal trial.
  5. Describe the criminal trial process.
  6. Describe three approaches to improving the adjudication process.

OPTION TWO: Attend a hearing at any Superior Court in the State of California and summarize the court proceedings. You must submit verification of attendance.

OPTION THREE: Summarize the Supreme Court’s recent decision on President Trump’s travel ban note your position on the decision.

OPTION FOUR: Complete a 5-7 powerpoint presentation slide on Judging the Judges. Research the California Judicial Commission on Judges who have been disciplined/sanction for inappropriate conduct during the course of exercising their judicial duties. Select one judge and summarize in your presentation the conduct for which the judge’s performance was reviewed by the Commission. Note the process and the final outcome.


Introduction paragraph

Paragraph explanation


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