Stakeholder Perspective

Question 1

Steps in Ethical Case Analysis

1. Get the facts straight. Review the case. Briefly recap the details of the case at the beginning of your paper.

2. Identify the central stakeholders in the case.

3. Identify the technical/professional problem in the case.

4. Identify the Ethical problem or problems in the case.

5. Solve the technical and ethical problems using both technical and Ethical standards. Analyze the case from 3 perspectives, use 1 ethical principle for each perspective (you need to use 3 different principles).

6. Will your solution to the problem withstand criticism from the perspectives of both a variety of Ethical principles and Professionals in your field?

7. What recommendations can you make about the problems in the case based upon your ethical analysis?

When you construct your analysis be sure and remember that we are assigning a 2-3 page analysis. With this length limitation it is important to realize that you will probably only be able to look at the problems in the case from three stakeholder perspectives. If you try to analyze every stakeholder perspective you will probably exceed the length limitation.

Question 2

500 word minimum

Your supervisor asks you to see a critical client who is high risk for harming others. He is a 25 year old veteran who is starting to show signs of aggression in your office when he talks about his 18 year old ex-fiancé who just left him for his best friend. You are going to open this case and need to explain to the client the limits of confidentiality and Tarasoff law.

  • Discuss the limits of confidentiality and Tarasoff law with this client and why they are important.
  • How will you present this information to the client? Explain one way you would approach each of these legal issues.
  • If he is unable to get his aggression under control, what might be your course of action?
  • Identify one ethical issue in this case. Explain one way you would approach the ethical issue.

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