Stages of Negotiation

Question 1

For this assignment answer the following questions. Please respond with 100 words per question . The last question requires strategies from the text book Myers, D.G. & Dewall, C.N. (2014). Psychology in Everyday Life. 3rd Ed., NY: Worth. ISBN 9781464194450. Please only bid if you have access to the text book.

1. Remember a time when you felt better after discussing a problem with a loved one, or even after playing with your pet. How did it help you to cope?

2. What strategies have you used to cope with stress in your own life? How well are they working? What other strategies that you’ve studied in the textbook might you try?

Question 2

How do coping strategies help clients prevent relapse? Present at least two examples of coping strategies and explain how they may benefit the client, their family, and the community in which they live and work.

Please response to each post. Each response have to be 1150 words.

Question 3

<p “=””>DISCUSSION BOARD #1: There are many ideas about why people resist change. After reviewing your readings and additional resources, list at leas four reasons that people resist change. Do you believe it is possible to overcome them all? Which one do you feel is most difficult to overcome and why? Include the source of your research with your post.<p “=””>DISCUSSION BOARD #1: After reviewing the materials and resources on change management strategies, consider the following:

  • What do you feel are the most effective ways to communicate during change?
  • How would you go about getting the organization members (employees) involved in the change process?
  • Why is measuring the outcome of change so valuable?

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