Staffing in Nursing Department

2 scholarly references are required.
• You must use the course textbook as 1 resource/reference.
Course textbook: Leger, J. M. (2023). Financial management for nurse managers: Merging the heart with the dollar (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Discussion Questions: Answer the following questions.

  1. Nurse leaders play a key role in creating and maintaining budgets.
    • Who creates the budget in your clinical practice?
    • Do multiple leaders and managers contribute to a team approach?
    An increase in patients to the unit and overstocking a patient’s room are two common ways supplies can run low. The need for an increase in supplies is not budgeted.
    • Who absorbs the cost of overstocking supplies in a patient’s room?
    • As the nurse leader, how do you address the supply shortage?
    Staffing needs are expensive:
    • What is the costliest solution when staffing needs are not being met for the nursing department?
    • Why does this source of man-hours come at such a high cost?

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