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In our last assignment we learned about the importance of Fitness, Health, and Nutrition. Most of your papers were outstanding and it is time to move into our next assignment. Assignment six looks at the pro of joining a professional officiating organization. I am going to provide some basic information in the form of video’s and an article or two.
Before you watch the videos and read the attached notes, it is always a good ideal to review the learning outcomes of this course. All six objectives will need to be touched on when you write you sports officiating philosophy for your final exam. This assignment should help you with the following highlighted outcomes.

  1. Identify governing bodies of various sports and procedures for becoming an official.
    Make sure you touch upon each module and all six objectives on your final paper concerning your officiating philosophy.
    • Local, State, and National Officiating Organizations
    For this assignment I want you to find five links (articles or videos) to analyze concerning the role of local, state, and national officiating organizations. I want you to review all five links and type a two-page paper describing what you learned. You must have a link from three different sports organizations. It can be basketball, football, softball, baseball, soccer, or any team sport.
    Why would you want to join an organization? What do they provide? What are some of the benefits? Can you be successful without being part of an organization like the ones listed? Who has the best web page? What makes it the best? to an external site.

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