Sports Marketing Industry

The purpose of this assignment is to draw conclusions that support predictions for the future direction of sports marketing.
The sports marketing industry does not exist in isolation, but is continually evolving alongside new technological advancements, the growing ubiquity of social media, increased media accessibility, and even new ways of looking at age-old marketing strategies. Fan bases are expanding, individual athletes are becoming more influential spokespeople, and sports themselves are becoming more widely available to the public across a host of mediums and streaming platforms. As the times change, it is essential that sports marketing initiatives stay relevant and progressive in order to keep up.
Consider what you have learned about the various facets of sports marketing in this course and write a reflective response (approximately 750 words) commenting on what you see as the future trajectory of marketing within the sports business industry. You may refer back to readings from the Topic Materials in addition to your own external research.
Address the following points in your response:
How has the sports industry evolved in the last 10 years? How has your relationship to the sports industry changed in the last 10 years?
What do you anticipate your future looking like in the sports marketing industry? Where do you see yourself ending up within the global sport ecosystem?
What do you predict will be the potential challenges for sports marketers in the future? What do you foresee as potential opportunities for sports marketing growth and expansion?
How have recent advancements in technology benefited sports marketing? How do you think technology will enhance or improve sports marketing moving forward?
How do you think sports media and consumption will change for fans in the future? Do you see this as a positive or negative effect on the sports marketing industry?

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