Sports Marketing Campaigns

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate marketing campaigns in the sports industry.

  1. Review Understanding Sports Marketing Campaigns

2. Select the campaign discussed that you like most and explain why you think it’s successful.

3. Based on your answer to question #2, explain how your favorite sports team could utilize the theme and message to reach its target market.

4. Which campaign do you think could be improved and explain how you would improve it?

5. Identify and describe a digital marketing campaign that you have seen for a sports team. What is the purpose of the campaign and who is the target market? Do you believe the campaign is successful? Why or why not?

Paper must include:

•   Cover page with your name, course name and assignment number

•   12 point type/double spaced

•   Write out each question and then answer below

•   There is a minimum 2 page requirement for this assignment

•   Please answer using depth and detail to support your answers

  • Points may be deducted for cover page, clarity, spelling, grammar and format 

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