Sports Field

Question 1

Make sure there is No Plagiarism

Write a paper as a WORD doc with the following title: “The Similarities between Women and Men in the Field of ___________.” The subject can be any topic you wish from similarities between women and men in the field of sports, politics, economics, music, or CEO’s of companies, religious leaders or any other subject you choose.

Instructions MUST be followed.

  1. The paper will be 5-8 pages with a minimal of 5-8 peer-reviewed articles to verify your views of the topic.
  2. More to the point, you must find research that point to the similarities between women and men.
  3. Paper will be APA format
  4. double spaced
  5. Times New Roman font 12 with the appropriate title and reference page

To do the assignment fully some differences between women and men will of course come into play, however, your focus will be to find the similarities rather than the differences. No abstract is needed or required.

Question 2

Responses are expected to follow basic rules of grammar but a formal introduction or conclusion is not needed. Student may begin responding to the readings in the first sentence(for example:”Smith’s analysis of x reminded me of y because”.)

Responses should not consist of a summary of the reading,but rather be a place to thoughtfully respond to the ideas brought up by the readings.You don’t need to respond to every reading but you must respond to major themes covered in the day’s readings.

Connect the day’s readings to previous course readings , current debates/ events , personal experiences, or pose questions about the ideas presented.

The purpose of reading responses is to help students get in the habit of thinking analytically and writing succinctly about what the readings and how they may connect to other ideas or current events.

Reading responses must be one full page 12 TNR font,1 inch margins.

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