Sport Management Placement


  • On this module you will develop vocational skills and competencies in sport management using the work-place as a learning environment.
  • The module will help you to build upon both the theoretical underpinning and the transferable skills gained in the academic areas of the programme up to this point.
  • The placement is designed to develop your understanding of organisational behaviour in sport, enable you to reflect upon the knowledge, skills and experience that you acquire through the process, and give you an insight into a ‘real-life’ working experience within a sport management context.


At the end of the module successful students should be able to:

1. Identify and analyse the aims and objectives of a specific sport organisation and evaluate the specific personal competencies required for a post within the organisation.
2. Plan, implement and evaluate a vocational experience in sport management.
3. Contribute to the effective operation of a sport-related organisation.
4. Produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate learning in the work environment.
5. Reflect upon your knowledge, skills, experience and values through the process of planning and carrying out a placement experience


Placement Logbook1,2,51,250 words  20%
Placement Contract1,21,250 words  20%
Placement Portfolio1, 2, 3, 4, 54000 words  60%


Placement Logbook (20%; 1,250 words)

Logbook (def)

a regular or systematic record of incidents or observations.

“keep a detailed log of your activities.”

The Logbook is intended to encourage students to record and reflect on their activity and their progress in obtaining a placement and designing a learning experience.

The logbook will also enable the student to evidence and critically examine their own personal skills, knowledge and experience to support the process of applying for and planning the placement experience (LO1 & 2).

This logbook assessment consolidates an active semester of activity and is submitted a point at which you reflect on your progress towards securing a valuable work based learning experience in the sports industry.

By working steadily and logically through the tasks set throughout Semester One, and engaging in the process of search, you collect up experience and employability assets which you can then reflect on within this assessment, drawing upon academic literature where appropriate.

Your logbook should:

What is your long term ambition? What are your key skills, interests and experiences? What placement experience are you interested in achieving? What will you need to do to get this opportunity?
Examples of relevant job descriptions / roles, to allow you to evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses in your written submission.
Who do you know and how could they help you to find opportunities in sport (for placement, and beyond)?
Original CV and updated placement CV, to allow you to demonstrate the progress you have made.
Master letter / email which details your key attributes and value to an employer.
Show screen shots of how you have built a profile on Linkedin.
What tasks have you done through Semester One (and before) as you seek a placement? (see suggested log template to record activity). Dates and details of meetings with your Placement Supervisor, Careers service or other key people etc.
A record of search and application activity (visits, meetings, telephone conversations, emails, Whatsapp). Copies of correspondence with potential host organisations.


A successful logbook should:

  1. Present appropriate supporting evidence of the activity undertaken to secure an appropriate 12-week sport management placement;
  • Critically evaluate the challenges encountered and opportunities taken to secure a placement;
  • Demonstrate a critical insight into personal strengths and areas for improvement in relation to securing a placement;
  • Identify and prioritise personal goals, and ambitions, and detail actions to increase personal employability;
  • Produce a well-constructed and professional CV and Letter; and
  • Provide a concise yet critical self-evaluation against a relevant sport-related job description.
  • Engage with employability and placement academic literature

As the student aims to become acclimatised to the work environment, the student should aim for a professional level of presentation of assessments on this module. This means;

  • Cover page
  • Contents page
  • Clear structure
  • 12 point font
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • References
  • Clearly structured Appendix


The process of search and attainment of a placement role provides valuable learning which create key employability skills.

Students should utilise the experience with the University to develop their CV / Letter through careers and discuss their ambitions with their placement tutor.

Active search and reflection plays a role as you develop skills to find roles and develop an understanding of the job market, especially the requirements of employers and developing a personal network, which becomes an asset to help gain employment and experience.

This logbook assessment consolidates an active semester of activity and a point at which you reflect on your progress towards securing a valuable learning experience.

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