Specific Sport Analyses


(1) Choose a piece of technical communication to analyze.

(2) Evaluate your chosen document for usability. This will involve reading the document carefully, paying attention to the features that enable use. In other words, how did the author structure the document so that readers could access and use the information effectively and efficiently?

(3) Write a memo to me that organizes your rhetorical analysis in both a logical and convincing way.

•Be concrete in your analysis. Use examples from the document as you make your key points.

•Be sure to analyze and not just describe the document. This will require you to evaluate—and pass judgment on—both content and design.


You will then present your analysis in a memo to me, using the memo format described in your textbook. Your analysis should be two single-spaced pages (approximately 1,000 words).

Evaluation Criteria

I will evaluate the analyses according to the following criteria:

•Completeness. The analysis addresses the six characteristics of technical communication from Chapter 1.

•Organization. The analysis is well organized. It has a clear structure supported by headings.

•Support. The analysis is concrete in that it uses examples from the document to support major points.

•Interpretation. The analysis interprets, analyzes, passes judgment—it does not just describe.

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