Speaker Recommendation Business Report

Business reports take many forms in the workplace, from short reports to 100+-page documents. Regardless of length, business reports showcase the sender’s ability to research questions and share well organized and evidence-supported answers to those questions. Many business reports also make evidence-supported recommendations.

In this report, you will compose a business report that shows your ability to answer a question with reliable, credible information and make an evidence-supported recommendation. Your report will show your receiver-centric, professional, clear, concise, and evidence-driven business communication skills.

Scenario / Prompt
You are an intern in the Training & Development division of an international company, Rex International, that has 3,000 employees. The CEO, Taylor Vanguard, is planning a company-wide retreat to introduce the new strategic plan. Taylor wants to bring in a Ted Talk speaker to lead a 2-hour employee training seminar at the retreat. The speaker must be engaging and provide information that can be immediately applied to improve the company.

Prepare a memo report that identifies three TED Talk speakers who could provide valuable training content at the company retreat. Summarize the topics that the speakers would share (based on their TED Talk) and provide some supplemental evidence about the importance of the topic for today’s businesses and/or business professionals. Include your recommendation for the best speaker to lead the training seminar.

Key Guidelines for Content, Format, and Language

Your memo report should summarize the key ideas of each talk and provide some supplemental support that reinforces the significance of each speaker’s topic. Your summary and support should persuade your receiver that the topic is critical to improving the success of business professionals and/or businesses. You should also include your recommendation for the best of the three speakers.

Selecting Your TED Talks:

You can narrow your search to the topic of Business or search by keywords. The speaker can have any area of expertise; you can use talks related to your career interests (e. g., blockchain) or topics that are relevant to all businesses (e. g., leadership). The three selected talks do not have to cover similar topics; find talks that are relevant and engaging. Select talks from three different speakers. You may not use a talk if we have used it as an example in the course.

Your recommendation report should follow memo report guidelines. The memo header information should be included at the beginning of the first page only. The report content should follow effective report formatting guidelines, including using descriptive section headings and other visual design elements as appropriate. Page numbers should be included in the bottom right corner.

Your report language should be professional, clear, concise, and evidence-driven. It should be focused on achieving your communication goals with your receiver. Remember that your receiver for this report is the company CEO, not your professor.

Use formal language. Do NOT use informal (conversational) language in this report. Communicate and document objective and factual information. Do NOT use contractions or personal pronouns. Your report should demonstrate the principles of effective business communication.

Specific Evidence Expectations
Use a variety of credible, relevant sources to develop your report. The report must also make meaningful use of information from at least six reliable sources from the business databases, such as peer-reviewed articles, trade magazine articles, company documents, and the company websites. Government (.gov) sources can also be valuable sources of information, as are .org or .edu sources. Use APA style for all citations, both in-text and in the References list.

Important Note: APA style is used for citations and language choices only. The report should be formatted as a memo report. Do not use APA formatting for the title page, header, and so on.

Use effective page design, illustrations, charts, and graphs to enhance and illustrate your message. Any included data visualization must be incorporated effectively, and appropriate attribution must be provided. Use of supporting visualizations is strongly encouraged.

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