The main aim of this exercise is to give you a chance to delve deeper into some of the fields of interest that are encompassed by sociolinguistics. Here, it is obviously impossible for you to consider everything and instead we want you to focus on two sub-disciplines of your own choice, and describe and discuss these. Good luck and have fun!

Various sub-disciplines of sociolinguistics are described in the lecture and part 1 of Stockwell . These include topics such as accent and dialect, register and style, ethnicity and multilingualism, variation and change, standardization, gender and language, creolistics etc. Choose two sub-disciplines listed in Stockwell and/or the lecture or indeed any other acknowledged sub-discipline of sociolinguistics that may not be covered by the course material, and address the three topics below.
The size limit is max. 400 words per sub-discipline. Please do not exceed this limitation. Upload your text in the Drop Box for Task . Accepted file formats are word and pdf (.doc, .docx, .pdf).

  1. What are the main questions that characterize your chosen sub-disciplines?
  2. List at least three milestone discoveries made so far and who was responsible. You may have to consult works outside the textbook here. If so, use a standard referencing system such as APA or Harvard.
  3. Discuss briefly why you think this type of research may be important and for whom.

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