Social Work and Social Media


Using the scenario below answer the questions outlined in the Basic Skills workbook and list your responses in this discussion board post. You will need to write out your responses in complete sentences. Your responses should reflect critical thought and analysis. One word answers or superficial responses will not receive full credit. Please respond to two peers by the due date.

Rashad and Social Media

Rashad is a BASW student who is interning at a local homeless shelter called Open Arms. One day at his internship he had a powerful conversation with one of the residents who is a Vietnam veteran. The man indicates that he has suffered with PTSD for many years and has abused drugs and alcohol to cope with his symptoms. The man also states that has no family and is often treated poorly by people on the street because of his appearance. Rashad is so moved by the conversation that he wants to capture the moment. He takes out his phone and snaps a pic of the man and his belongings but makes sure he doesn’t get the man’s face in the picture. At the end of the day, Rashad is talking to some of his friends about the problems with how veterans are treated in this country and decides to post his views on social media. Rashad’s first post reads:

“Talked to a real hero at work today. Homeless yet he sacrificed everything for this country. America, our priorities are !*%@* up. #VETSlivesmatter #toughdayatwork”

He then went to his other social media account and posted the pic of the man from his internship with the caption:

“This is what a real MAN, a real HERO looks like. All you other whiners and complainers trying to avoid your responsibilities need to wake the %$*^ up! Mental health is real and we need to make sure that programs like the OPEN ARMS agency keep their funding so that men like this don’t get left on the streets. #VETSlivesmatter #socialworkadvocacy #socialworkersmustspeaktruth”

Questions to Answer

  1. What about Rashad’s posts and actions were ethical or unethical? Professional or unprofessional?
  2. What does the Code of Ethics say about actions like Rashad’s? (Cite specific standards, values, and principles from the Code of Ethics)
  3. What could be some of the unintended consequences that come from Rashad’s posts?
  4. In what ways can social workers utilize social media as professionals? How is the usage of social media as a professional different than how it is utilized in a social worker’s personal life

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