Social Science

Pick one from the following

  1. Assess the contemporary relevance of either TH MARSHALLS THEORY OF CITIZENSHIP OR TITMUSS’ 3 MODELS OF SOCIAL POLICY.
  2. Precisely how scientific is “Social Science”
  3. Make an assessment of Esping Anderson’s Operationalization of either the concept of Decommodification OR The Concept of Defamiliarization.
  4. Assess the attempts to make the concepts and measurements of poverty more rigorous.
    The essay should be 2,500 words (+/- 10% i.e. 2,250-2,750 words) in double-spaced text. If there will be any real-life examples, kindly tailor them to Ireland, Sweden and Nigeria.

Should be written in this format -THESIS, ANTITHESIS, CRITIQUES and YOUR OPINION and anything extra you think might be important. Eg sub titles (real life situation / application) etc in between the 4- Thesis, Antithesis and your opinion. etc. Just a bit extra if you get what I mean. ALL 4 headings SHOULD BE DRAFTED BUT IS NOT RESTRICTED TO THIS. There’s room for extra. You can make references to theories if you need to.
Kindly advise on which you would be working on. You could just send an inbox so I could read ahead of time too. Preferably 1 or 3. Please notice the OR. So you’d just be speaking on 3A or 3B. 1A or 1B.

Marker is very thorough so I’d like the essay to be very clear, very lucid, master’s level. Critically analysed and broken down.

Referencing is Harvard style.

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