Social Pressure Influences


This asssignment is a two part assignment.

Part 1 (minimum of 350bwords):First, watch this video:

Asch Conformity Experiment (Links to an external site.)

Stanley Millgram: Obedience to Authority (Links to an external site.)

Next, please answer the following questions:

1) If you were a participant in the Asch study in the video, do you feel you would have conformed? Why or why not?

2) Do you feel that the Milgram experiment is ethical, based on what was seen in the video? While no real shocks were given, do you feel the overt pressure to obey that was placed on the participant was worthwhile, given what we learned? Explain your rational.

3) In your everyday life, you conform to hundreds of norms, rules, and laws oftentimes without your attention to being compliant. There are several factors that influence conformity and obedience.

What are some of the biological, social, and environmental factors regarding conformity? In your opinion, what is the basis for continued compliance? Provide a rationale for your answer.

part 2 (minimum 350 words): First, watch this video: The Stanford Prison Experiment (Links to an external site.)

Next, read this article: (Links to an external site.)

Then, please answer the following questions:

  1. In the video, do you feel what we learned from the Stanford Prison Experiment justifies the experiment, or, is it an experiment that should be less emphasized so as to not glorify questionable research techniques? Explain what in the video helped you reach this conclusion.
  2. In the article on the Robbers Cave study, describe what you feel was the most important thing we learned from the study, and why you feel it is important.
  3. Describe the symptoms of groupthink as it pertains to group behavior. Describe a situation you consider as an example of groupthink (other than the ones already mentioned in the textbook). Explain why you consider this situation as groupthink. In case you were able to intervene in the group’s processes, what would you do to minimize or eliminate groupthink?

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