Social Networks

Social networks in primates – Why might primates gain fitness advantages from indirect connections in a social network? Social networks in primates show repeatedly that strong connections, more connections, or being more centrally locates produce individuals with higher fitness. However, there is growing evidence that having more indirect connections (“friends of friends”) also produces higher fitness. Why might this be? What is the advantage of having friends with lots of friends?

And for this order write the one page paper outline and should find the 5 empirical sources !!!!!

Here is the paper outline instruction:

● Overview: Introduction to the topic, your thesis statement/argument/research question. ● Background theory: Review the theory, are there arguments for and against this theory? ● Support for the arguments for and against (if applicable)
○ This is where you will talk about the empirical evidence that supports the argument you are making in this paper.
○ Your arguments don’t have to be novel, and can rely on the points others are making in their articles. Consider:
■ Do you feel like there is a lack of data that needs to be added to the literature?
■ Do you find the arguments authors are making convincing?
■ How could new studies further our understanding of this topic?
○ Be sure to cover the evidence that may not support your argument as well!
● Conclusion: Summarize your main points
●one page(single space)

Remember the source have to be “5 empirical sources.”

Look at the bottom URL, that help you to find the Good empirical sources

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