Social Networking

Instructions: Provide an analysis of the three scenarios below.

  1. (250 words + 1 high quality source)
    Chapter 6 noted that Friendster has obtained several social networking patents that it could potentially assert against other social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Suppose you are corporate counsel at one of these companies and you expect that you may eventually be sued by Friendster. Choose one of the following options and defend it. Note: You must use the literature to support your decision – DO NOT simply state your opinion. For example, you may see prior cases and use that as a model for your decision
  2. Enforce blocking patent
  3. Pursue licensing agreement
  4. Work around the patent
  5. (250 words + 1 high quality source)
    Chapter 7 – The CEO of a small but promising start-up company needs an experienced engineer to head up a key aspect of the business and has selected Sam as a leading candidate. If hired, Sam would not only be exposed to the proprietary technology that already provides a significant advantage in the market but would be tasked with developing additional proprietary information and software. Sam is currently an employee of XYZ Corp., a competitor of the start-up. What potential problems might the CEO want to consider? What steps could the CEO take to address these problems?
  6. (100+ words – source not required)
    Read about the Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) here: and discuss the impact of GLBA on financial institutions. Specifically, address how GLBA helps protect your privacy.

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