Social Media Management Assignment Questions

(Question 1)

 Study the following cases and write an essay addressing the given questions:

Cases Below:

Kobe Influencer Marketing: Building Brand Awareness via Social Media – Patricia Lui, Lipika Bhattacharya

The case can be purchased from our bookstore.  It is also included in our coursepack and can be purchased at a discount price here: 

Questions Below :

1. What is Influencer Marketing? How does a marketer use Influencer Marketing to create word-of-mouth?

2. How is Influencer Marketing different from Traditional Marketing? Compare and contrast.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Influencer Marketing to promote a product?

4. What is Kobe’s business model of Influencer Marketing? How did setting KPIs help Kobe drive campaigns?

5. How does Kobe benefit from its AI platform? How does AI help implement an influencer strategy?

6. What key considerations does the team at Kobe need to keep in mind when developing the Influencer Marketing strategy for Jia Jia?

7. Suggest recommendations for the Jia Jia influener campaign.

8. How does Kobe compare with other influencer models?

9. What are the possible limitations of the Kobe model?

(Question 2)

Find three social media policies/guidelines online and discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of each one.  Are there any items missing in those policies/guidelines that should have been included?  Please also don’t forget to provide the links to the policies/guidelines you have evaluated.

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