Social Media and Health Fairs in Health Promotion

Individuals may have different health care issues, but many topics cross lines of age, education, economics, language, cultures, and skills. Items like handwashing, diet, exercise, sleep, etc., are universal needs. Health promotion topics in general can be promoted in a variety of methods, and nurses have a variety of tools to help accomplish this.One way for this to happen is to use community-based education. Community health fairs are a means to spread the word about promotional healthcare screenings and services within a community, as well as to provide education about health issues. One more recent addition is through the use of social media, which has exploded in popularity and can be used as an effective vehicle for communication for individual and community based health topics. Will patients accept and respond to this as a vehicle for health education? This assignment explores types of social media, applies these to a health promotion topic, and asks you to take education a step further with discussion of a health fair in the community of your choice. The videos here provide some basic information on using social media to promote healthcare and how they are effective. 

Using your individual selected topic, write a paper regarding the role of social media and health fairs in health promotion and education as platforms to design methods for a selected health topic. 

Delhi’s online librarian, Amanda Calabrese, has created a LibGuide to provide resources to help you complete Assignments 2 and 3 with information relating to setting up accounts with different social media formats and helpful tools for creating social media platforms. There is a lot of valuable information so do not overlook this very important resource. Click this link to be directed to the LibGuide:   If you are using Glogster for any part of Assignment 2/3, the school code is 8FHDG2. More information for this and other products are found in the LibGuide. 

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