Social Justice Discussion Lead Participation

This graded community discussion using VoiceThread area is where you will engage with your instructor and your peers to tie together the big ideas from the resources (articles, podcasts, videos, and textbook readings) in this module. The VoiceThread discussion is an active learning opportunity where you will reflect on course content and process your learning with other students.
Access the videos and discussion via Voice Thread below.
If you are assigned to present this week,
• Please upload your presentation..
• Provide feedback (via video or text) to your peers responses on your presentation.
If you are not assigned to present this week,
• You are required to respond to the questions posed by the Social Justice Lead. Please watch the video before answering these questions.

  1. Where do we start? How can we better the interactions between our black youth & the police so that less black youth are referred to the juvenile justice system?
  2. How can we enhance the legal system to address cultural biases that target black youth?
  3. And if we were to get rid of the justice juvenile system in a whole, how can we better help our black youth instead of criminalizing them from their delinquent behavior that may be a result of traumatic experiences, stereotypes, or implicate biases?

• This Voice Thread is not an “opinion board.” Rather, it is a mechanism for you to engage with your peers as you dissect and synthesize course content. Your comments should be grounded within the literature. Please sure the course literature as a reference to support your answer.

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