Social Justice

It is important for everyone to care about social justice in contemporary times. The concept of fairness within society is far from being achieved. Instead, people live in poverty and unemployment and are discriminated against based on race, gender, religion, and age. There is a need to enhance fairness in employment, healthcare, and housing. Discrimination must come to an end, and this will be achieved if social justice is applied to all aspects of society, especially gender and race.
The public action to call people to action to stand up for social justice will entail holding a demonstration in the streets. The event will host a group of people who will march and stand together to show that they oppose the current social injustices in society and propose changes in healthcare, employment, housing, and end of discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age, and religion. A demonstration presents a fun and effective way of showing people that social justice is required in all aspects of society. A march on the street using placards with messages on social injustices offers a way to reach a lot of people. The event will attract the media and present on different social media platforms and, therefore, can reach a wide audience.
Collaborative process and intent in choosing theme, poster, and public action
The theme of social justice was inspired by the desire to see people work in decent conditions, have equal opportunities to wealth, and enjoy human rights. The poster seeks to highlight the belief that everyone has the right to be treated well in society, at work, enjoy privileges and have social benefits. Still, in reality, society is far from providing every individual social justice. Holding a demonstration is a public action that shows the group’s commitment and determination to stress the importance of reducing social injustices and inequalities.

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