Social Innovation

The purpose of this assessment is for students to develop a community engagement focused social innovation concept and to present it in a report. In this assessment you are required to consider theoretical and practical aspects of social innovation which contribute to community engagement.

You are free to choose an existing organisation which has a community engagement focus and create a social innovation for their client group or you can develop an entirely new concept that you are passionate about.

You need to consider the following issues: the common good, financial, environmental and ethical implications and implementation challenges.

Approaches to this assessment will be discussed at the Workshop in Week 4.

A suggested structure for your report follows

  •   Executive Summary (200 words)
  •  Discussion of social innovation and community engagement theory (500 words)
  •  Description of your proposed social innovation (400 words)
  •  Discussion of the financial, environmental and ethical implications of your social innovation and how your social innovation contributes to the common good (500 words)
  •  Discuss a significant implementation challenge (300 words)
  •  Conclusion (100 words)
  •  References
  •  Appendices (optional)

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