Social Injustices

The essay IDENTIFIES a matter of social injustice that you believe is either created, or exacerbated by, digital media. (Note: Social justice is the equitable distribution of wealth, power, and privilege. A matter of social injustice should, in some way, involve an uneven distribution of wealth, power, and/or privilege.)

CONTEXTUALIZES how current social institutions have failed to address this inequitable distribution and what the “political community” needed to address the issue should look like.

PROPOSES how a public (or publics) could collectively take responsibility in solving or alleviating the stated problem. (Note: Be sure to make clear how this is a public and not a personal, individual, or corporate display of responsibility. In other words, are you arguing in some way for a structural, institutional, or collective change to address a social injustice?)

Your final manifesto must draw on at least five course readings and four external academic sources to explain the importance of a public injustice, its relationship with digital media and technology, and how it might be alleviated through means of public responsibility. Be sure to take into account the various kinds of feedback you have received from previous steps and consult the “check list” below before submitting the final version of your manifesto.

***Checklist before submitting final paper:
TITLE & SUB-TITLES – Your manifesto has a unique and descriptive title, and your overall argument is organized with descriptive subtitles.

WORD COUNT – Your manifesto is at least 3,000 words—not including quotes.

INTRODUCTION – The first paragraph of your manifesto clearly identifies a matter of social injustice, and introduces your argument for why the public should care about this issue as well as how they should act at a collective or institutional level to address it.

CONCLUSION – Your conclusion should do more than simply repeat your introduction. It must redress your introduction in light of the argument you made throughout the paper.

5 ASSIGNED READINGS – Your paper engages with at least one assigned reading from at least five of the themes outlined in the syllabus (there are a total of nine themes in the syllabus, but only 5 need to be reflected in your paper — you are welcome to cite more, this is just the minimum).

4 EXTERNAL SOURCES – Your paper engages with at least four external sources from a scholarly press, peer-reviewed academic journal, or established research institute.

BIBLIOGRAPHY – Your paper includes a complete bibliography and in-text citations that follow a standard academic format such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.

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