Social Exchange Theory

Watch my short video on Social Exchange Theory, as applied to intimate relationships. to an external site.
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  1. Think about a short or long dating or intimate relationship you have had. Fill out this table and copy and paste it into your discussion post (I give you a few examples to consider, but you should add or delete your own):Worksheet attached separate,
    Notes: I am female, still married for 25 years 2 kids, stay at home mom and student. Kids are grown and fair relationship, he is very giving and caring. I get up and make his work breakfast and lunch every weekday.
  2. Write a paragraph minimum 150 words about whether you think the “deposits” and “withdrawals” that happened in the relationship were/are more or less “fair”. If they were not “fair”, did one of you end the relationship? Do you have any thoughts about improving your future relationship(s) after this exercise?

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