Social Determinants of Health in Your Community

  1. Complete the Mapping Community Assets_Worksheet.doc Mapping Community Assets_Worksheet.doc – Alternative Formats .SEE ATTACHMENT
  2. After completing the table, reflect on: What patterns do you observe? How does it compare to other communities or your classmates’ communities/neighborhoods? What does this snapshot of your community fail to capture? (This is a general overview of your community or neighborhood and does not have to be geared specifically toward your project).
  3. What issues most affect health in your community? (I.e. housing, jobs, income, transportation, racism, schools, social exclusion, land use and development, etc.) How? (This might provide you with some ideas of what topic and population you want to focus on for your major project in this course –See module 4 assignment in the course syllabus).
  4. Pick one of the stressors or health threats and brainstorm ideas for how it might be turned into a resource, or how you might use existing resources in other areas to accomplish this. What challenges exist? What opportunities exist for mobilizing people into action?
  5. Cut and paste your completed table and reflection into the Module 1 discussion forum.

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