Social and Community-Based Health Promotion Products

Assignment 3 expands the content from your recently completed Assignment 2 as you now create the actual social media and health fair products you discussed and outlined in the Appendix. These products will also be displayed with the creation of a virtual community health fair as the Week 7 Discussion with each one of you a part of this group activity. You are required to now actually create the products to promote, communicate, advertise, and publicize your selected specific health topic. One creation is your social media format (e.g., Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, etc.); the other product for the Health Fair is open to many possibilities (e.g., posters, brochures, games, websites, crossword puzzles, or PowerPoint, etc.).  

In order to reach larger groups to provide relevant health education requires successful organization and preparation for a community health fair. There are steps involved to make this a successful venture, and here is a guide developed by a nurse for a community in Texas, that provides detailed instructions and resources to set up a fair. The setting can be almost anywhere that will attract and contain a crowd, or the size audience desired. Sometimes the content is focused on a specified group, and large groups are not the goal. The content for a health promotion fair can be anything related to healthier living, including diet suggestions, healthy cooking, topics for blood pressure maintenance, suggested exercises, and so much more! In our health fair, you will also reveal to the class, your social media creation as part of the health education component. If you need additional help in understanding the role of a health fair, refer to the Rice and Pollard (2011) Health Fair Planning Guide available here and here.  

Let your creativity flow but remember that you will be graded as to how well you followed your product outline of the minimal content as indicated in the Appendix of Assignment 2. More content should be added but at a minimum you must include EVERYTHING you listed in the Assignment 2 Appendix. You must create the products you discussed in Assignment 2; changing formats is not allowed unless you have received the approval of course faculty PRIOR to submitting Assignment 3. 

To give you inspiration, here is an example of videos students created then posted on YouTube as a means of communicating health promotion topics. 

Here is an example of one student-led community health fair with some creative ideas for health promotion activities:

As this is not an actual written assignment, submitting your work will be a little different than what you are used to and how you submit it will depend on what you have created for each product. If you need to submit links (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Glogster) then include your name and the link information on a Word document and submit that to the dropbox. No cover page or anything else is necessary. If you have a physical product to submit, it should be directly uploaded as an attachment to the drop box. If you have ANY problems, contact your faculty ASAP!

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