Skilled Labor

Question 1

Labor (human resources) is often the most costly and unpredictable resource required by projects. Skilled labor and knowledge workers are far from being fungible resources because individual skill sets, personal resources, and temperaments differ significantly. This is a serious problem for project planners. The problem becomes more complex in the context of global markets. Often, projects are staffed from multiple, international locations.

  • As a project manager, what approach or approaches will you employ if you are responsible to manage a project that will be implemented in multiple international locations?
  • What issues are likely to come up and how would you handle them?
  • What are the things that you would consider when hiring team members that will work on this type of project?

Question 2

  • For the Final Exam, write a 5-7 paragraph essay in your own words (no citations). Your essay should have an introduction with an underlined thesis statement, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Submit your final exam essay using the Turnitin Assignments button on our course menu by the deadline in the schedule

Here is the question:

From the time of Reconstruction after the Civil War until the present, what progress have we made in the United States in terms of ALL three of our course themes–Liberty, Equality, and Power? YOU MUST write about ALL THREE THEMES.

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