SIM Paper – Team 1 – “The Managers”

  1. Functionality of Project – see project schedule
  2. Allocation of Resources – see project schedule
  3. Review of Project [what worked & what did not work]
    1. Teamwork – communicated via text message and made decisions colletively
    1. Decision-making all decision making was made collectively
    1. Conflict Resolution – no conflicts other than redistribution of assignments after 2 classmates dropped leaving us with 3 left
    1. Organization –
    1. Time Management Skills – met all time hacks

Final Team Project Paper Requirements List

  • Length. Content shall be 3 pages (double-spaced) of written work. 
  • Content Areas:
    • PM Concepts.  Include associated textbook content specifically addressing schedule, budget, functionality, resource allocation, and stakeholder satisfaction.  You may include outside research/references as well.
    • Cite specific content from out textbook as it applies to your experience in the simulation.  For example, address the “triple constraint” and how this concept was observed/experienced in the simulation.  Make sure to cite all sources as needed.
    • Analysis / Explanation of how you used the reports* during the simulation. (Budget, Resource, WBS (task list), Schedule, Period Results)
    • Team Dynamics.  Content shall include what went well, and what did not work in the virtual project specifically addressing, teamwork, decision-making, conflict resolution, organization, and time management skills.
    • Include a minimum of two applicable clip art figures or images.  This can be anything that adds value to your paper.  This means the images should help explain a concept – think of how a textbook uses images to explain a topic.  Google images is a great resource.  You can also use other available sources.  Images/Clip art is not included in your 3 pages.  All images should be referenced correctly.

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