Signature Assignment – Theory of Human Caring on APN Role Student Presentation

Assignment Prompt

Explore the influence of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring on your future role as an APN. The student will explore the concepts and caritas processes from the Theory of Human Caring and present how these concepts may impact their future APN role.


The student will create a PowerPoint and include speaker notes that may be added to the speaker note section on each slide.

The presentation should be limited to no more than 10 slides.

Outline for the presentation may include the following slides:

Slide 1 – Introduction to yourself and future planned APN role and practice

(Writer does not need to complete slide 1)

Slide 2 – Previous experience with Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

Slide 4 – Core Concepts of the Theory Applicable to the APN role

Slide 5 – Five Carative Factors or Caritas Processes You Plan to Use in the APN Role

Slide 6 – What Does the Theory of Human Caring Mean to You

Slide 7 – APN Implications of Theory of Human Caring

Slide 8 – Summary/Main Points

Slide 9 – Reference

Resource: Please see attached


Format: PPT Presentation with Speaker Notes

Length: 9 Slides, maximum

References: 4 high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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