Sign Language Culture

Question Description

Throughout this semester’s readings and discourse, reflect upon the critical information you learned from this class to show how you better understand the Deaf community in the United States. Choose two topics that have impacted you the most, explain how it changed your perspective of the Deaf Community and how this will be useful in your future, whether you major in Deaf Studies or not.

  1. Two topics that impacted you the most
  2. How it changed your perspective
  3. How you will use it in your future

Write it out as an essay, with introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. A reference page is required, with at least two references, one of which will be our course text, Deaf Culture: Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States and the other may be a peer-reviewed scholarly article which you can access through the CSUN Library online, or Google Scholar or any of the articles assigned in this course. Be sure to cite anything you may use from these works, using APA (6 or 7) format. (No title page needed.) Use Purdue OWL for more support: Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.)

The topics covered this semester are as follows:

    • Deaf Culture: Yesterday & Today
    • Causes of Deafness & Auditory Innovation
    • Deaf Education & Deaf Culture
    • How Deaf Children Think, Learn, & Read
    • Deaf Identities
    • Navigating Deaf & Hearing Worlds
    • Technology & Accessibility
    • Arts, Literature, & Media
    • Deaf Gain
    • Deaf Space
    • Audism
    • Deaf Community Culture Wealth
    • Signed Languages & Learning
    • International Deaf Communities
    • Deaf Culture & Its Future

Page requirement:

Students should utilize the textbook, and when applicable, outside sources for these reflections and cite appropriately. These papers should be a MINIMUM of three (3) FULL pages, there is no MAX.

Critical Reflection Paper Checklist (please have the following):

● APA style format

● Double-spaced

● 1-inch margins

● Font size 12, Times New Roman

● Reference page (Require at least 2 peer-reviewed citations)

Reference list does not count towards the three-page minimum. If you cite any sources, please cite them to avoid penalty from TurnItIn software program. Failure to do so will be counted as academic plagiarism detected by TurnItIn. The exam must be posted to TurnItIn on Canvas before the deadline. Late submissions will be given point deductions.

I would like clear, organized quality responses in your work that displays critical thinking/ analytic skills than long, flowery, and superficial responses in regards to the reading.

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