Sign Language and Hearing Impairment

Question Description

Task1:You are to complete your Take-Home paper answering the following question:

a. What was your general perception of the authors’ perspectives?

b. How do the readings help you, or not, to express your own ideas about Deaf culture?

Task 2: Your Critical Reading Summary paper should consist three main parts: a. Title Page, b. Main Body, and c. References. >Title Page should contain: 1) Critical Reading Summary #(bold), 2) Your name,3) Name of Department& University, 4) Course Name,5) Professor name, and6) Semester, year.

>Main Body must be one(1) full page in length and no more than 2 pages. Make sure to use in-text citations.

>References are assigned class reading(s)/viewing. The list needs to be at the last page. The lines other than the first line for each entry must be indented half inch from the left margin.

Checklist: double-spaced □ 12-point font□ Arial font□ one-inch margins all around□ APA format□ Check attached Grading Rubric for Writing Assignments□

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